About Me

I scale expert-level ideas, stories, and processes with code on cloud infrastructure.

Meet Daniel, a DevOps engineer, consultant, and designer. With over 5 years of experience in cloud computing, Daniel has become a master of all things Kubernetes, helping teams across the globe streamline their deployments and scale their applications with ease.

When Daniel isn’t busy fixing up containers and orchestrating deployments, he enjoys dabbling in other areas of technology, including automation, infrastructure-as-code, and the occasional round of golf (though he admits he’s not quite as good at that last one).

Daniel takes his work seriously, always striving to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization he works with. The projects he has worked on include securing cloud infrastructure in financial, healthcare, and e-commerce web microservices at Fortune 500 companies taking on technical leadership roles and advocating DevOps principles.

A passionate technologist with an entrepreneurial spirit, he is always excited to work in a team and take on new challenges!